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Workflow Automation Software

Workflow Automation

Of all content management software applications, workflow automation software is widely believed to generate the greatest ROI by streamlining business processes and automating manual tasks.

Once documents are captured, workflow automation software automatically routes them to the right person for processing based on business rules. Alerts can be used to signify that a document is ready for processing or approval, and management can be alerted to bottlenecks tracked by the system.

Invoice Processing Example

Think of the steps required for invoice processing. If the invoice is received electronically or scanned into a document management system, workflow automation software such as OpenText ApplicationXtender Workflow Manager will then route the invoice for GL coding by an accounting clerk. Once completed, the invoice will be routed to the appropriate person for approval based on the invoice amount. If rejected, the invoice is routed back to the clerk to follow up with the vendor. If approved, the invoice is routed to the right person so the payment can be made.

Some workflow automation software includes three way matching between the purchase order, delivery receipt/bill of lading and invoice. Other workflow apps include checklists so that people are automatically notified if documents are missing, which is especially useful in the new hire or account on-boarding processes.

OpenText ApplicationXtender Workflow Manager

As the largest distributor in North America, we distribute, implement and integrate OpenText AX Workflow Manager, which is one of the leading workflow automation software applications since ApplicationXtender document management software was first introduced in 1992 by OTG.

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