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Document Capture Software

Document Capture

Selecting the most effective document capture software will make other solutions such as workflow automation software and document management more efficient – otherwise it's garbage in, garbage out.

Commonly referred to as document scanning software, simple document capture software is what runs document scanners. It's where you select the settings for how you want to capture document images from paper (e.g. black and white vs. color, output type like PDF or TIFF, dpi level) and how the resulting document images will be named (indexing) so you can find them later.

Some applications also include:

  • Capture from fax and other electronic document sources
  • Include barcode recognition, which is useful for streamlining the indexing process
  • Offer image enhancement like auto-cropping, deskew, auto-brightness/contrast, black border removal, black hole punch removal, etc.

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Advanced Capture Software

Advanced capture software takes scanning to a whole new level by allowing you to automatically extract data with optical character recognition (OCR) for machine print and intelligent character recognition (ICR) for handwriting on a zonal or full-text basis – especially useful on forms, which is also referred to as forms processing software.

Some advanced capture software applications also include intelligent document recognition, which first identifies (and learns) documents by type, then automatically extract and route those documents for processing based on their type.

Document capture typically starts in one department, often accounts payable or HR. As the benefits are realized, document capture is often rolled into other departments, including purchasing, accounts receivable, customer service, finance, sales, legal, operations, engineering, and maintenance.

OpenText Captiva

EMC Captiva Document Capture Software | MetaSource

OpenText Captiva delivers best-in-class document scanning and capture software for transforming paper documents, faxes and other electronic documents into actionable information used by accounts payable, HR and other departments throughout your enterprise one department at a time.

As the largest distributor in North America, we distribute, implement and integrate OpenText Captiva, one of the leading document capture software applications on the market since the early 1990s when it was known as InputAccel. Learn more...


ImageTrust Cloud Document Scanning & Capture Software with Concurrent User Licensing

ImageTrust is an affordable, web-based capture solution that enables businesses to transform their capture infrastructure and push out capture to wherever it is required throughout an organization, by users simply using a browser. Ideal for distributed and centralized capture, there is no monthly or annual cap to how much information is captured, nor are there any annoying and costly "click charges" – making ImageTrust an attractive option for replacing Kofax Capture. Learn more...

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