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Transportation Workflow Automation & Compliance

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MetaSource provides content ingestion, workflow automation and document management software and services that reduce driver turnover, get invoices paid on time and ensure DOT and FMCSA compliance.

Content Ingestion

We will implement the ideal way for your company to capture the following information, whether in paper or electronic form and from any mobile device, kiosk, email, fax, or mail:

  • Drivers: new employee applications, contracts, logs, receipts, and expense reimbursement forms
  • Deliveries: bills of lading and proof of delivery (POD)

Workflow Automation

We will help you reduce driver turnover by ensuring that new drivers are on-boarded efficiently and that current drivers are reimbursed promptly by automatically routing all ingested content to the right people on your team for efficient processing.

We also ensure that deliveries are invoiced properly and paid on-time by ingesting all invoices and conducting 3-way, line-item match between the purchase order, proof of delivery and invoice. We do so with a combination of workflow automation software, document management and integration with your transportation management system.


Our content ingestion, workflow automation and document management solutions help ensure that all documentation is captured and instantly available on a secure basis. This helps ensure compliance with all Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations and also allows for auditor self-service.

Back-Office Automation

In addition to streamlining all driver and delivery information, we can also automate and ensure compliance for your accounts payable, accounts receivable and HR departments by leveraging the same solution.

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