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inovoo NOVO Mobile

Stimulate Collaboration Between You & Your Customers, Partners and Employees


NOVO Mobile from inovoo allows you to integrate your customers' information and documents from OpenText ApplicationXtender (AX) into your existing business processes, using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The entire adoption process – implementation, use, and any support required – is fast and easy.

How NOVO Mobile Works

The self-service portals currently offered by many businesses have not been used as expected by customers – and sometimes, they've been ignored entirely. Loading the portal and logging in with a unique username and password proves to be more effort than it's worth.

NOVO Mobile, on the other hand, lets you open up a new communication channel your customers already love, allowing efficient options for interaction such as exchanging documents through a personal mailbox, carrying out business-relevant activities, digitally signing contracts and engaging in fast, digital dialog with your specialists.

Highlight: Authentication Using a Smartphone Based Customer Portal


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  • Mobile Capture: Photograph documents to capture them
  • Mobile forms for data capture
  • Personal Mailbox: Customers can manage and archive personal documents
  • Mobile Payment: Allows payment using the mobile device
  • Mobile Communication: Customer dialog for news, chat, forms, instant surveys or document exchange
  • Extract data from PDFs, emails and photos
  • Convert data to PDF/A and hand over for processing
  • Digital/biometric signature for concluding transactions
  • Securely transfer documents and data between the mobile client and your business
  • Integrates with existing capture infrastructures

Advantages to Your Business

  • Faster reaction times, increased efficiency
  • Reduced processing costs thanks to more efficient business processes and information logistics
  • Support for all mobile platforms
  • Optimized service quality: customize communications to meet your customer’s expectations – living in the moment
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Avoid record fragmentation
  • Easily integrates with and embeds into your existing business processes
  • Modular approach to meet the needs of your business/sector
  • Cost-effective input and output channel for direct customer dialog (“Green IT”)
  • Process everything on mobile
  • Self-service offerings synchronized between web portal and mobile device
  • Cost-effective, efficient customer care


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