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inovoo NOVO Mail

Automatic Email Processing for OpenText ApplicationXtender


NOVO Mail from inovoo relieves employee workload and optimizes customer service by automatically capturing email and attachments into OpenText ApplicationXtender (AX), and applying indexing so they can be found later from searches within AX.

How NOVO Mail Works

NOVO Mail automatically analyzes your incoming emails, assigns them to the correct business process and hands them over to ApplicationXtender.

During processing, NOVO Mail identifies personal and transaction-related details in both scanned documents and digital information such as emails and their attachments, all without any manual intervention. "Fuzzy searching" means that even widely-distributed, incomplete or incorrect information can still be correctly assigned. Thanks to the system's high recognition rate, manual post-processing work is kept low.

NOVO Mail supports all document formats and all input channels, and its modular structure means it can be customized to meet the exact needs of your business.

Import data and documents from all communication channels: scanned mail, email, fax, and social media:

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  • Fully digitize all media and input channels
  • Physical and digital document processing
  • Automatically identify transactions
  • Automatically extract customer data and information
  • Automatically initiate internal processes
  • Interfaces with response management system to provide a professional, personal response

Advantages to Your Business

  • Clear, comprehensible and complete business processes
  • Universal process automation and management
  • Less manual work, increasing efficiency
  • Process customer requests faster
  • Reduced manual work thanks to automatic (black box) processing
  • Optimized processes, reducing costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased service and process quality
  • Scalable: handles even large volumes of data
  • Integrates into downstream processing, avoiding record fragmentation
  • Comply with legal archiving and documentation requirements
  • Professional response management increases customer loyalty


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