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ApplicationXtender User Administration

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Managing the complexities of security administration is one of the growing concerns in any business. In such demanding times, the availability of security management is considered paramount – affecting all sectors of an enterprise. The foundation of any security management is a model with role-based access control, enabling all the required functionality and authentication for a security system.

A MetaSource Solution for AX

Now you can hand over the administration of ApplicationXtender document management software users without handing over administrator level access to the actual applications in the Application Generator (AppGen). MetaSource provides a web-based User Administration for ApplicationXtender for on-premise and cloud-based deployments.

We utilize the ApplicationXtender Web CDK technology to seamlessly add user administration functionality. This provides you with user management functionality that results in faster development, faster revenue, more users, and the ability to serve your users better by engaging with them more efficiently.

Supported Functionality

  • User Management
  • Group Management
  • AX Native & Windows Security Support
  • Permissions
  • Alternate Security Settings
  • Document Level Security
  • User Password Assignment
  • Delegated Security Support
  • Process ID Management
  • MetaSource User

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User Settings Screen Shot

ApplicationXtender User Settings Screen Shot

User Administration Screen Shot

ApplicationXtender User Administration Screen Shot


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