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ApplicationXtender (AX)

Document Management Software: Departmental Footprint, Enterprise-Ready

ApplicationXtender (AX) Document Management Software

Known more commonly as "AX," OpenText's ApplicationXtender is the leading document management software application for small and medium-sized businesses on the market.

AX is also scalable so that it can help you achieve the previously elusive promise of enterprise content management (ECM) for organizations of all sizes – for a fraction of the price of other document management software.

AX is commonly deployed to streamline accounts payable (AP) or new employee onboarding and other HR functions. Once established in one department, many organizations then deploy AX in other departments to leverage the initial investment and share the costs. AX is also ideal for streamlining the loan boarding process in the mortgage industry, and a host of other applications across many industries.

How Does ApplicationXtender Work?

AX "extends your app" by adding document management as well as workflow automation to your back-end core system. This means that your team can manage documents within your main "app," whether you use accounting software, enterprise resource planning (ERP), a loan origination system (LOS), electronic medical/health record software (EMR/EHR), or other back-end software. Our wide network of AX resellers have extensive experience integrating AX into these and other systems, including homegrown software.

In a nutshell, ApplicationXtender allows you to scan documents, capture email and attachments, store them in a database, establish the right access per user and document, quickly search and retrieve them, and to apply retention scheduling over the life of each document.

The current version is AX 16.3, which replaces AX 8.1. If you haven't seen AX in awhile, you'll be amazed at how intuitive and easy its interface now is.

ApplicationXtender Delivers

  • Information Security: leverage robust information controls such as watermarking, rights expiration, and guest access
  • Protection Beyond the Firewall: secure sensitive information even after it exits the repository or passes beyond the organizational firewall with information rights management (IRM)
  • Access Control: specify with document field-level precision which users or groups of users are able to access information
  • User-Driven Controls: empower end users with dynamic information controls to revoke or alter access permissions to sensitive information
  • Version Control: ensure only the current version of a document is accessible to users

ApplicationXtender Modules

  • ApplicationXtender Capture: connect industry leading capture solutions via REST services to enhance the built-in ApplicationXtender desktop scanning functionality
  • ApplicationXtender Connector: leverage powerful integration capabilities with any business application
  • ApplicationXtender Full Text Search: quickly and easily find relevant information inside the content
  • ApplicationXtender Reports Management: capture and import PDF and ASCII point in time reports automatically
  • ApplicationXtender Public Access License: secure, read-only document access outside the firewall

AX Dashboard: Choose Your App

ApplicationXtender (AX) Document Management Dashboard

AX Document-Level Search Query

ApplicationXtender (AX) Document Management Search Query

What Is the Role of MetaSource with OpenText and AX?

MetaSource is the only distributor of ApplicationXtender in North America for OpenText, meaning that we enable and support AX value-added resellers (VARs).

Our team has worked with AX since it's inception with OTG in the early 1990s. We now work with OpenText who acquired AX from Dell EMC, and provide input into AX's ongoing development.

We're also one of the largest users of AX in our business process outsourcing (BPO) operation, and we've also developed "Cloud AX" that we call MetaStor.

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ApplicationXtender Overview Video

Learn more about AX with this video from OpenText:


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